Even the greatest businesses can be victims of occasional legal problems. Our civil litigation team possess over 40 years of experience in obtaining exceptional results in a wide variety of disputes by delivering decisive legal support to our clients. We understand that litigations can be time consuming, lengthy and personally distressing not to mention costly. At Asghar & Co, we strive to offer realistic and bespoke litigation services to our clients form an early stage. We reinstate confidence and assurance to clients who are facing complex litigation issues.

We acknowledge that civil disputes come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Apart from litigation, our professional team of highly skilled legal experts can also provide alternatives such as arbitration or mediation to help resolve your disputes. Whether you are an individual or a business owner involved in a civil litigation, our robust legal firm will ensure to offer a comprehensive range of litigation services, which will best fit your particular requirements.

For all your complex litigation disputes, Asghar & Co can provide a realistic and objective assessment of your case and then assist you by offering crucial advice regarding the best possible legal solution to resolve your dispute. We understand that legal action can result to risky and uncertain outcomes. At  Asghar & Co we have a proven track record of delivering excellent litigation services to our clients.

We take necessary measures in protecting our client’s financial position. Therefore, after assessing you case we will vigorously pursue it if it has a strong claim but if in case it lacks substance then we will inform you directly because we would never want to jeopardise your financial position.

Some of the areas of litigation we have dealt with in the past include:

  • Boundary disputes.
  • Breach of contract.
  • Commercial litigation.
  • Corporate litigation.
  • Insurance litigation.
  • International litigation.
  • Partnership disputes.
  • Insolvency proceedings.
  • Property disputes.
  • Shipping disputes.
  • Licensing disputes