We offer full services to landlords and tenants in all areas of the real estate market. We provide strategic insight and clear advice to clients so that they can accomplish the specific objective. We understand that both parties have varying interests where a landlord might be looking to create an investment that implies to institutionally acceptable standards, whereas a tenant might be interested in acquiring a place on flexible terms or avoid potential maintenance and repair cost with a shorter-term lease. Whatever the issues pertains, we offer relevant expertise and knowledge to address such issues and negotiate the terms so that both parties are comfortable with the ultimate decision.

We serve all kinds of clients whether they are individuals, businesses or institutions. Although most of our experience obtained has been in the commercial sector, we have substantial knowledge and strong reputation for residential lettings.

We make sure that landlords and tenants experience an uninterrupted tenancy through steadfast approach. It is always best to opt for legal advice from the start of any rental period. There are potential difficulties that might arise because rental property involves long-term financial commitment. It is therefore best to get legal support to avoid issues such as failure to comply with time limits and procedural rules, which could otherwise result in putting your home or business in jeopardy. The risks involved in landlord and tenant disputes are high. This could cause a residential tenant to lose their home while commercial landlord and tenants might face serious financial complications.