Dispute resolution for businesses

Our highly experienced team of corporate lawyers are involved on a daily basis to resolve commercial disputes. With the much-sought after expertise of dealing with complex international matters, our level of understanding of dispute resolution is equal to the highest city standards.

Should you find yourself in the centre of such a dispute, then we at Ashgar & Co are here to offer you the assistance you need in either making or defending a claim.

We provide a thorough and clear understanding on the different aspects of litigation and its consequences, but additionally we ensure we understand your core business, before we represent you.

At Ashgar & Co we view ourselves as a vital business partner, working diligently to ensure that litigation issues do not detract from the day to day running of your business.

Our highly trained Commercial Dispute Resolution team has a wealth of knowledge in dealing with complex commercial litigation disputes, and our aim is to facilitate an early resolution to disputes.

Many disputes don’t need to end up in court and can be resolved amicably through the use of mediation or arbitration. We can frequently resolve your issues without the need for expensive legal action.

From IT and e-commerce to franchising and banking

Because disputes can be complex, we ensure that a partner manages each case on an individual basis. Our Commercial Dispute Resolution team draws from a broad spectrum of skills including dealing with:

  • Boundary disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Commercial litigation
  • Corporate litigation
  • Insurance litigation
  • International litigation
  • Partnership disputes
  • Insolvency proceedings
  • Property disputes
  • Shipping disputes
  • Licensing disputes

We urge you to take action if your business is facing the challenge of a commercial dispute or litigation, we can help you.

Dispute resolution for Individuals

Here at Ashgar & Co we are experienced in helping people overcome a vast array of legal disputes.

For instance, we can help tenants and landlords overcome issues quickly and with minimum disruption. Looking at alternatives to legal action through mediation and arbitration, we assist on a wide range of issues including boundary disputes, service charge disputes and lease extensions.

To add to this, we can also help with disputes such as, rights of way issues, as well as problems such as leasehold enfranchisement, restrictive covenants and joint ownership disputes.  Our team can also mediate and help you to resolve possession claims, party wall disputes and adverse possession.

If required, we can also represent you for trespass and nuisance issues or even if you have cause to bring about professional negligence proceedings against a surveyor or solicitor.

If you have worries about any dispute call us today.