Employment Fees & Pricing

Unfair or wrongful dismissal & settlement agreements

Our fees for employment law matters are typically charged on an hourly basis in line with the following hourly rates:


Grade of Fee Earner

Hourly rate


Solicitors, Legal executives, Barristers, or other fee earners with over eight years post qualification experience including at least eight years litigation experience.



Solicitors, Legal executives, Barristers, or other fee earners with over four years post qualification experience including at least four years litigation experience.



Other Solicitors, Legal executives, Barristers, or other fee earners of equivalent experience




Trainee solicitors, Paralegals, Barristers, and other fee earners.



We are able to provide an estimate of the costs that you are like to incur on your matter once we have full details.

VAT is chargeable on all our fees and disbursements at 20%.

Potential additional costs/disbursements

Our fees quoted above do not include disbursements. These are costs related to your matter that are payable to a third party such as counsel’s fees for advising and/or drafting pleadings. Should it become necessary to instruct counsel on your matter or make payments to any other third party, such as an expert or translator, we will advise you accordingly. We handle the payment of the disbursements on your behalf to ensure a smoother process.


What is covered:

The fees set out above cover all of the work in relation to key stages of the matter, which include:

  1. Taking your initial instructions, reviewing the papers and advising you on merits and likely compensation;
  2. Entering into early conciliation;
  3. Preparing or defending a claim;
  4. Preparing or considering a Schedule of Loss, preparing for and attending a Preliminary Hearing;
  5. Exchanging documents with the other party and agreeing a bundle of documents;
  6. Taking instructions for witness statements, drafting statements and agreeing their content with witnesses and filing/serving;
  7. Preparing bundle(s) of documents;
  8. Instructing counsel;
  9. Preparation and attendance at a Final Hearing;
  10. Drafting/advising on Settlement Agreements.


How long will your matter take?

It is always difficult to accurately estimate the time that it will take for your matter to conclude as this is highly dependent on the other party’s approach and whether or not a settlement is agreed.  We will be able to give you an estimated timescale once we have full details and as your matter progresses.


Our Team:

Our employment team is made up of qualified solicitors (with at least four years’ experience), paralegals and barristers. The team is supervised by Mohammed Asghar who is highly experienced in employment matters and qualified as a solicitor in 1993.